Welcome to vSwift, a website designed to help you whether it be a general enquiry regarding your account, looking for some help and guidance following unforeseen changes in your financial circumstance or if you wish to make a payment over the internet.

As a customer of Swift we can assure you that caring is at the heart of the ethos of everything we do. We offer service like no other. First, we treat all our customers as people, not file numbers. That means you will only ever speak with real people, based here in the UK, not machines. Ever.

At Swift, we cherish our hard-won reputation for impeccable service, integrity, quality, stability, reliability and flexibility. That's why so many people like you choose Swift.

If you currently have a mortgage or secured loan with us we hope the content of our website will help you if you need to contact us regarding your account.

General enquiries

Please contact Customer Services on
01277 359678

Swift 1st Limited is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.
Swift 1st Limited administers its own regulated mortgage contracts and those of Swift Advances plc on its behalf.
Swift Advances plc and Swift 1st Limited are both registered in England under company numbers 1800474 and 5020019 respectively.