Our name says it all.

SWIFT (dictionary definition)

  1. Moving or capable of moving with great speed or velocity.

  2. Coming, happening, or performed quickly or without delay: a swift decision.

  3. Quick or prompt to act or respond.

  4. Slang: quick to perceive or understand; smart; clever.

We have a proven track record of over 25 years of providing niche mortgages and secured loans. By choosing us, you gain from all the Swift experience, in-depth lending knowledge, innovative systems, underwriting, processing, and, above all, our renowned customer service. We pride ourselves on being a service-driven company.

Our aim is simple; to provide you with the highest standards in our industry with unsurpassed levels of customer service. You will always talk to real people, not machines, based right here in the UK.

So what do we do? We're specialists in providing mortgages and secured loans to customers who are unable to obtain finance from traditional High Street lenders. We treat people like people, not numbers.

Thank you for visiting us. Now please explore our website and learn what we can do for you. We're ready when you are.

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