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Make your loan payments using your credit or debit card

You can now make your loan payments directly using our link to Barclaycard's secure website.

Please note you cannot use this online payment method to pay-off (redeem) your loan early. A payment to redeem your loan must be made by cheque or electronically through your bank. Please contact our office if this applies to you.

If you use a credit card you should be aware that this may be an expensive way to make a payment to Swift, especially if your credit card company is charging a high rate of interest and if you decide not to repay this amount when you receive your next credit card statement.

Swift will not charge you for using this service.

If you experience difficulties using this facility, please call our Servicing Team on 01277 359678, who are available 9:00am to 5:30pm Monday to Friday and 8:00am to 12:00pm Saturday.

After you make your first payment successfully, you'll also be given the option of a monthly email reminder about your payment, to help you avoid late payment charges. Swift is here to help you with all your financial needs.

When you select Continue, there may be a short delay as we obtain a Reference Number for your payment, and contact Barclaycard to ensure they can accept the transaction.

Please note that recent changes require you, the borrower or authorised third party, to provide your Surname, Postcode and Date of Birth before we can proceed with your card payment.

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